Sunday, February 17, 2008

Until death do us part - Azara Feroz Sayed

In the wedding vows, we hear of "Until death do us apart" - Don't we wonder is that right - Doesn't our book tells us that if you make it to Heaven - God will have a place there for you with your spouse.

"Until death do us apart" would be refering to the separation between the actual death of the spouse and the Day of Resurrection - meeting in Heaven

What a motivation to be in the path of God - to do good things in this world - to strive to make it to Heaven - to make sure you are together forever with your spouse!!

Blessed is the bond of Marriage!!

Talking about Day of Resurrection - I came across these interesting thoughts on religions believing in Resurrection.

Out of the two religion fighting the most today - Judaism and Islam - are the most common religions - have the most commonalities - amazing similiarities - a stamp that the source of these two religion is the same - Prophet Mohammed never studied Judaism - never interacted much with Jews yet the theology of Islam - the legal system of Islam - are much the same as Judaism laws regarding dietary, purification etc which God revealed to Prophet Moses

Man has not changed from the time Prophet Moses received his revealation or when Prophet Mohammed received his revealation - what was bad when Prophet Moses received his revealation - was bad when Prophet Mohammed received his revealation - laws of God don't change over time.

One point where Islam differs though is the fact that Jews deny some of the Prophets of God - like not believing in Prophet Jesus and Prophet Mohammed - Quran says believe in all Prophets - for a Muslim - denying any prophet of God i.e. Prophet Jesus or Prophet Moses - is like denying God - Concept of God also differs slightly - no negative attributes are given to God in Islam - God doesn't cries, God doesn't rests, God doesn't forgets

All prophets agree with another in theology and in the basic and broad outlines of morality - there is no difference of theology between all the Israelite Prophets, Prophet Jesus, Prophet Mohammed - Quran in one verse mentions to Prophet Mohammed - Announce to the People - Say - "I am not bringing anything new that the Prophets haven't said before" - It is a sign that a man is a Prophet - that He brings the same theology - the theology of Prophet Christ - the Old testament is same - the Christians today believe in theology of Constantinople and other individuals and not of Prophet Jesus

Murders, Stealing, Lies are always evil - Being good to Parents, Orphans, Neighbours, Charity doesn't change - the only thing that changed with Prophets are the minute details of the law e.g. requirements for Kosher are stricter than Muslim requirements of Halaal - Certain things would be allowed or prohibited and vice versa - but the broad premise of Morality remains the same - Theology even in the minute doesn't change - aspects of belief doesn't change - God doesn't changes - Angels don't change - manifestations of how we are going to worship God changes from Prophet to Prophet

Incredible isn't it to believe - we all believe in the same Theology and yet fight on earth - Pray we will have Heaven on Earth soon - security for all of us to live in peace - Amen!!


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