Friday, February 29, 2008

Are you NICE or do you CARE - Azara Feroz Sayed

Came accross this article by David Meyer at

This is a topic very close to my heart. I rate myself as being closer to CARE manager but was always given a feedback for missing on the NICE manager while working with my team. Most importantly, I feel good today doing what I did and that beats everything else!!

Most people and most managers want to be nice. After all, it's easier to be nice than to not be nice.

How do you spot a NICE Manager?
- When someone brings them a problem, a NICE manager provides them with a solution.
- When a report is late because the employee in question and their spouse went to a movie instead of completing the assignment, a NICE manager understands. After all, it's important to balance work and home.
- When the presentation lacks clarity, or the conclusions aren't supported by the facts, a NICE manager thanks them for their efforts and doesn't dig any deeper.
- And when the production numbers for the month are down for the 3rd consecutive month, a NICE manager clearly understands the reasons that are causing the problems and knows that they are not the fault of the employees.

A NICE manager avoids the controversy and confrontation that goes along with employees who are not quite performing up to par. A NICE manager defends their employees regardless of the situation, because there are always extenuating circumstances.

And that's the problem with a NICE manager. They always understand and always relieve the employee of the responsibility as N - Nothing, I - Inside, C - Cares, E - Enough

Nothing inside cares enough
- to hold the employee accountable for their own actions.
- to tell the employee when they are falling behind or failing.
- to be willing to upset the employee even if it is for their own good.
- to help the employee achieve everything that they are capable of achieving.

Frankly, being a NICE manager doesn't really help the employee, because it leaves them without any accountability, and it does no good for the manager either, as they now have more work to do. Being a NICE manager is a "lose - lose" scenario.

As a Manager, it is your responsibility to the company and to your employees to see that peak performance is achieved. You also have a responsibility to your employees to maximize their talents and growth, to see that they are ready for the promotions that may come their way, and to ensure that they learn the skills to achieve and succeed at higher and higher levels. You owe it to your employees to give them honest feedback on their performance so that they can develop their own skills and prepare for their future. And you can do it all in a positive, reinforcing manner.
That's the difference between being a nice Manager versus a NICE Manager.

Instead of being NICE, I suggest that you CARE. A Manager who CAREs
- will coach an employee on a problem, not assume the work for him.
- will communicate with an employee when their work does not meet expectations and coach them until it does.
- will identify the talents in their people and help cultivate those talents to even greater levels and coach them in areas where they can still develop.

What does it mean to CARE?
C - Coaching
A - Allows
R - Real
E - Excellence

So you have two clear choices. You can be NICE to your employees, or you can CARE.
Which will you choose?


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