Saturday, February 16, 2008

Understanding Evil - Azara Feroz Sayed

Some interesting thoughts that I came across about Evil

All religions believe that God is Powerful and Merciful - If God is Powerful and Merciful - How come we have wars, calamities, misfortune?

To understand existence of Evil we have to understand that there is no such thing as pure evil in existence. There might be things that are evil but there would always be some good in it.

There are some things which have no evil they are all good.

In most of the things there is good and evil - like we Human Beings.

There is pure good but no pure evil. Every evil also has some good in it i.e. if there were no poor, we will not be generous - when there is misfortune, as mentioned in "First Post" blog - this provides us an oppurtunity for self-judgement, to correct our actions before it is too late - when calamities strikes, we all come together to help those affected. So there is some good in all evil.

We use our limited knowledge to understand the evil. We judge the moral and immoral based on our limited mind. We can't judge God based on our limited knowledge. It is like vaccinating a infant. The kid doesn't likes it but we know it is for his good. We should not be arrogant and judge God's acts using our limited mind.

We also know that those who suffer patiently - undergo a trial in this world patiently - God will make it up for them in the Kingdom of Heaven, the hereafter. When the People will be in the Kingdom of Heaven for patiently enduring their trials - they would wish they had suffered even more. The rewards are Eternal!!

There are evil things but the patient sufferings are always rewarded - if not in this world - the hereafter.

Pray, God gives us the strength of mind to endure


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