Monday, February 11, 2008

My First Post!! - Azara Feroz Sayed

Like everything else writing the first post too - is an experience - feeling excited and nervous - hopefully Feroz will be proud of me - as I am finally taking his advice of writing.

Don't know if you have had this oppurtunity of walking down for 15 mts in single digit Fahreneit - with wind chill below zero - the thoughts that come to mind when we undergo the ordeal of the walk or similar miserable situation - don't we feel that the situation should end too soon - also doesn't the experience makes us ponder over our situation in life - contemplate on why are we in this situation - to stop and think with our full strength of mind - an oppurtunity for self judgement - an oppurtunity for self examination of our actions - the wrong we have done - and an oppurtunity to improve our situation before it is too late (in the grave) to mend our actions

I never thought of failures this way - till I heard about this thought in a presentation - that when the going is good - we all are busy in enjoying our lives without much thought to our actions - we are narrow minded - but when bumped into failure - we use our full strength of mind - it forces us to think about our actions and correct those - ignites spirituality.

Miserable times also take us closer to God - Praying to God with fervour, to get us out of our situation - we participate in charity ( doing good works - least charity that one can do) - we examine and acknowlege all the good things in life - we are blessed with and thank God for them - asking God for 'strength to be humble' - a paradox - strength to stay in his path and not go astray (by complaining about prayers not being answered) and accepting his supernatural powers (being humble as a servant) to define the outcome of our supplications.

Another beautiful thought I heard - explained in form of anecdote - One rich man asks a beggar can you give me one of your leg for 10,000 bucks - he says no - then he asks will you give me one of your hand for 10,000 bucks - he says no - then he repeats the same for each of his eyes, ears, brain, heart and the beggar continues to say no - the rich man then tells the beggar - you are a millionaire - what are you unhappy about ? I really feel blessed with the treasure I have been blessed with - my family - my friends - my one in a million husband - mashallah - I pray to God to take care of my treasure and bless it.

The 15 mts walk in below zero weather also takes us to our destination - to expereince the good things awaiting for us in our destination - so the ordeal of the walk in the cold is worth the trouble

Sometimes we take the walk and find the destination is closed i.e. our expectations after the ordeal were not met - these times are the much troubled ones for us and the most crucial ones to not lose heart - but take strength from those situations - look at the long term gains rather than short term - not to be like the infant who is suffering from fever and wants to eat candy (instant good feeling) but not the sour medicine (getting cured of the fever) - I always remember the words 'If God loves a person he tests him all the more - as God wants to raise him in the ranks in this world and hereafter' - These words give me strength and the least I can do - for my dear ones - going thru the trying periods is - pray for their peace and strength - Amen!!


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