Friday, February 15, 2008

Heaven on Earth - Azara Feroz Sayed

I came over this video about How muslims behave differently at work - it is a good presentation - please view it at the link belov

Qur'aan: al-Kafirun 109:006 mentions - To you your religion and to me my religion!
Which can be interpreted as "You have your way of transacting, the way which you choose to replenish yourself and interact with other people, with whatever entity you consider as absolute and I have my way!". Practicing this makes it so much easier to co-exist with everyone.

Interesting part in this video is the part where the presenter is questioned if he was a Irani and he immediately adds that he was raised in US. I found it paradoxical - aren't we supposed to be proud of our association to the country we were born too and not feel insecured about mentioning it

It is mentioned a few times in the Quran that "God guides Whom He Wills and misguides Whom He Wills" - it makes it so much easier to understand the unfortunate stuff going on in this world with this

Peace we all know is external peace and internal peace.

The blessing of being able to walk in the street without fear of being attacked by someone - a secured environment, the security and freedom for practicing your religion and way of living without fear of society, security of being provided for food, shelter etc are some of the factors contributing to external peace.

Goal of every individual is to obtain internal peace - peace of mind, heart and soul. The only way to accomplish internal peace is to satisfactorily answer the Question to ourselves - what is the purpose of my life - how do I get there?

Inner peace is the seed for the external peace - the converse is not true

The best judge of where we will “be” (heaven or earth) is not determined by what we say or believe but how we behave in this life. For eternity touches our lives in the here and now, and “heaven on earth” is a very real experience, as is “hell on earth” We want to know where we’re going? Take a moment to examine the heart at this moment, for it’s a pretty clear indication. We are practicing today for what will come tomorrow.


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