Friday, February 22, 2008

Presenting Ideas Creatively - Azara Feroz Sayed

This story drives the importance of presenting our ideas creatively, for others to accept them and help us be successful

There are two shops next to each other - one selling candy and the other selling vinegar. The vinegar shop was doing well while the candy shop was moving towards bankruptcy. People would buy gallons of vinegar but would walk empty handed out of the candy shop. Finally the candy shop had to file for bankruptcy.

The candy shop owner couldn't keep himself from asking the vinegar shop owner, the secret of his success, "how come your business of selling a product - that tastes so bitter and smells so bad - is doing good - while no one was buying my sweet product".

The vinegar shop owner replied "It is because you are selling a sweet product with a vinegar face"

The presenter of this story also mentioned about a research that was done in US asking "which is the living being other than human whom you hate" - the outcome of the research was 80% said mice - in that case why is that Mickey mouse is so much liked in the world - Is it because Disney packaged and marketed it so well that Mickey is everyones favourite. Isn't it interesting how the creative presentation of the mice, kick started the success story of Disney.

Such an important aspect on our path to success is good presentation of our ideas - ensuring others buy into our idea and act according to what we want them to do!!

I had come accross these ideas in a presentation by an Islamic Scholar, Siraj Khan, on PeactTV ( In an email forward that I received yesterday - It was mentioned that Walt Disney was afraid of Mice. That reminded me of this presentation.

This Islamic Scholar was talking on the need for understanding Quran and spreading the wonderful ideas in the book to all. He emphasized - we have the candy - the Quran - we have to sell it with a candy face - till now we have been selling candy with a vinegar face. He insisted on understanding the Quran well and spreading it to all its content - selling candy with a candy face!!


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