Sunday, July 6, 2008

Playing it Safe - Azara Feroz Sayed

I could relate to this article in terms of Feroz's and my life.

I fit in the decription of the "Playing it Safe" person in the article
Most of the world likes to play it safe. They go to their safe jobs, come home to their safe relationships, they drive safe cars, they invest money in safe corporations, they think safe thoughts, and they want nothing more than to feel safe and secure

Feroz fits the description of "Adventurer"
This other group lives for thrills. They don't just occasionally think outside the box, they actually prefer to live outside the box. This is a group who thrives on adventure, change, and newness. They love innovative new ideas, they like to explore new things, and push the envelope beyond its capabilities.

This group often does not feel understood nor supported by the mainstream population. They are not rebels, although they are often accused of being rebellious because they do not embrace the status quo. This group is not anti-anything. They do not require group consensus to be who they are. Young adults often think that by dressing badly or by misbehaving that they are somehow brave and different from whatever it is that they are opposing, but that is not revolutionary and different, that is just anger turned inside out. They are not making a point, they are not changing the world, they are simply behaving in a manner that causes people to shun them. That is not the group I am talking about today.

The aspect that causes anxiety in me due to this difference in us is - the aspect of breaking rules. Having grown up in an environment of accepting rules all the time - it is always difficult for me to even watch Feroz breaking the rules. In his college, Feroz puts in maybe 50% more time in creating course work for students, spending time with the students and that is because he looks at his work as an oppurtunity for creativity but would get himself into trouble over some of the administration rules such as being in college everyday at a certain time or his insistence on using green ink. Questioning Rules and Breaking those that do not make sense is what he believes in.

Could relate very well to the ideas in the post
Those who would keep things safe and comfortable become frightened and angry at these innovative new thinkers. They torment them, threaten them, mistreat them, ostracise them, and create a storm of ugliness to try and stop these people from simply sharing the gifts of their hearts that they were born to share with humanity.

Though the article refers to people who made difference to humanity. In my life, with Feroz, I have learnt that the ability to "not play safe" doesn't needs to be as profound - to create an impact on humanity - as described in the article. It can be done in simple and basic aspects of life - to live our life to the fullest - in our ability to live our passion - by simply saying "NO" to the clutter that stops us from doing it. At this point too, I can claim to be a mere audience to Feroz and have not taken 'The Dip' but can say that the effect of overturning areas where we are rigid in our thinking is not a easy one and needs lot of commitment (faith, courage to overcome fear, persistence). I can relate it to my expereince of being on the dive board for the first time and not jumping. I had all the knowledge about what to do and what not to do, my swimming instructor was there below to help me and I was holding to my Dive Safety Float too - but still took lot of time for me to jump off from the Dive board (and not pushed from the dive board by the instructor). I appreciate Feroz's patience with my feelings of anxiety in implementing the change of 'not playing it safe all the time'. I am taking my first baby step of learning to say "NO" at times, to create oppurtunities, that would help me to live my passion!


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