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UPW - Azara Feroz Sayed

Unleash Power Within (UPW) is the title of Anthony Robbins seminars where participants are made to walk on fire. The 'walking on fire' exercise is to demonstrate the kind of incredible things that we can do with the power within us - to use this experience and confidence to make changes in our lives that we would have thought impossible

The 'walking on fire' exercise and NLP got me interested to read more on Anthony Robbins. You would be able to read a lot about it on the net. I have pasted one site
While you read or hear his programs - one thing is sure - you will be filled with passion - tapping your feet, singing, ready to fly - ready for action!

My notes are below

Few things that make incredible difference in our lives
* Communication - The quality of our life is the quality of our communication - our self communication and communication with others. What happens to us doesn't makes the difference in the quality of the life but what we do with what happens that makes the difference. Our communication with our selves define what we do with what happens to us.
* Skill - The skill or ability to define specifically what we want and the skill or the ability to define what others want - so we are able to fulfill them quickly and elegantly
* Personal Power - The ability to take action. We should keep trying and not give-up. Like kids learning to walk. Do we tell them not to try walking? Imagine if we would have given up on learning to walk. How much of intelligence or knowledge we have doesn't matters. What we do with that knowledge or intelligence is what matters. Affirmation without discpline creates delusion. Affirmation with discipline creates action.
* Modelling - It is important to remember that talents are developed. A few are born with outstanding talents. Others develop their talents. In modelling, we duplicate the belief system, mental syntax and physiology of successful people to develop our talents
- Duplicating the belief systems of sucessful people. Our beliefs turn-on or shut-off the possibilities for us to perform
- Duplicating mental syntax of sucessful people. This is acheived by changing the order and sequence of using the five senses to generate results. Some people work well when they "See" and "Say" - some people work well when they "Say" and "See". These are like combination locks - Each sequence causing a different vault to open. Using NLP, we can to know mental syntax of sucessful people i.e. when we are visualizing, constructing, accessing etc - the respective eye movements indicate the actions done by the brain. We can study those to understand the mental syntax of sucessful people.
- Duplicating physiology of sucessful people. Physiology is posture, breathing pattern, tonality, facial expressions, muscular tensions etc. Knowing their physiology would help us know how these people use their brain

Disciplines to success
1. Act from personal power - This is the ability to take action. Fear of failure is what prevents people of taking action. There are no failures. There are only outcomes. There are only results. We always succeed in producing results. The results may not be the one we intended but they help us to make subtle changes to get to the intended results.
2. Responsibility - We are totally responsible for our world. We create our world by taking charge of our life. Physical and Mental actions define our world. We need to refer our beliefs as lie as they are our own and to help us remember that they are is just beliefs and not necessarily true and they can change as we get more information. Referreing beliefs as "lies" helps us to give beliefs the necessary attention i.e. knowing that we have the power to change them. This will help us change our self-limiting beliefs
3. Stretching - Most of us perform best when we are put on the line i.e. we work best on deadlines. Stretching helps us to discover things that we didn't believe we could do - the limits are our beliefs (lie) and defined by our thinking. Stretching can be achieved by
- Making a commitment to ourselves to do something that is beyond our current ability.
- Making a public commitment.
- Modelling someone who is always producing beyond our current ability.
4. Committing to unconcious competency rather than cognitive understanding. Unconcious competency is the ability to perform tasks without thinking or knowing its working or details e.g. Most of us don't understand how electricity works still we switch on without thinking about the working of electricity. This is about picking the fruits for the immediate and studying the roots later. Similarly, We don't have to spend time to understand how NLP works - we can start using the the techniques
5. Meaning of communication is the response you get from others. We would have to change our approach to match physiology, tonality of the person we are trying to communicate. As the intention of the communication means nothing, results of the communication means everything
6. WEIT - Do "What Ever It Takes" to succeed

Character traits of successful people have in common
1. Passion - They have passion, purpose which makes them to get up in morning and not to go to bed. Passion causes action
2. Belief - They have belief in their ability to achieve and they also know that beliefs can be changed
3. Strategy - They organize the way they do things to acheive results
4. Values - They knowing what values are most important in life. Also to ensure that avoid conflicting values i.e. all values are working together rather than fighting against each other
5. Energy Level - They have high energy levels. Most of the energy is spent in digestion. Check your diet, exercise to manage energy levels
6. Bonding - stay connected with others
7. Developing communication skills - how we communicate with self and others on what has happened is what makes the difference

I note down ideas such as those mentioned below to talk with Feroz, in the hope that they would add to the strong communication that he relies on in his training programs - my little contribution!
Miscellaneous ideas
- Success is having total sense of freedom - to do what we want, when we want as much as we want
- For things to change - we would have to change - changing the employer is not going to solve the problem unless we changed
- Commitment is the glue that holds everything together. Commitment to practice. Commitment to walk the talk.
- Difference in people is the difference in people who are commited and who are interested. We need to move from interest to commitment
- If we don't know what to do - then we need to ask - what we would do if we didn't know what to do. This takes out the limiting beliefs to access the resources that we don't utilize
- No matter how thin the slice there are two sides
- The quality of life is the quality of our communication
- Nothing has any meaning except the meaning we give it - Meaning of life, happiness etc is what we define
- We use two types of communication
* Internal communication-how we picture, say, and feel within ourselves
* External communication-words, tonalities, facial expressions, body postures and physical actions
- Our job is similar to a film director's job-we need to manipulate what we see and hear (the way you communicate to yourself) to acheive the effect we desire

Came across the below gems (as the post refers to them) http://kerijam.blogspot.com/2007/11/some-gems-from-tony-robbins-unleash.html

*Whatever you focus on, you will feel
*When you say something repeatedly, you hypnotize yourself into believing that it is true and the brain creates a blindspot, where you can't see what is actually there
*Listen and learn as if you were going to teach what you learned to someone else
*To say you don't have a special purpose is to slap the face of your Creator
*Most people are unhappy because they are dabblers; going deep makes us feel alive
*We are the accumulation of our communication
*God's delays are not God's denials
*Fear is your imagination and so is faith;except fear is undirected, while faith is directed
*Success leaves clues - model someone outstanding
*Pain is a signal to change the strategy
*Normal is the lowest common denominator in a culture
*What got you where you are, won't get you to the next level (the highest level)
*All progress comes from breaking patterns
*Change is never a matter of ability, it is always a matter of motivation
*Who you spend time with is who you become
*People's lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group
*Find a team to challenge you, not just support you


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