Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Secret - Azara Feroz Sayed

'The Secret' is the book and DVD by Rhonda Byrne on "Law of Attraction" - which was sold by the millions after it was featured on Oprah.

It was sold on Oprah as an easy pill for acheiving whatever one wanted - Dream, Think, Focus on what you want and you get it! Ask. Believe. Receive is the mantra of the 'The Secret'.

Q about "Law of Attraction" is one of the popular Qs on "Ask Stephen" http://www.stephencovey.com/blog/?cat=1

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Oprah infact had to go back on the views aired on her show saying that "Law of Attraction" is one thing that will help achieve success - Hard work, talent, education are important and yes Luck too! How else could we explain the miserable life of those affected by natural disasters? And yes we all know ACTION is what makes everything happen! Action to do whatever we can - to change our situation. Oprah's Mom was a pregnant at thirteen with physical, sexual abuse. Oprah too was pregnant at thirteen. With such a background, it is the actions that Oprah took to change her situation that made the difference.

The 'Law of Attraction", which has been vouched for by many of the self-help gurus like Jack Canfield, John Gray etc, is based on power of visualization - power of our thoughts - we define what we get by our thoughts i.e. if we think about +ve stuff - we will get it - so is true for the -ve stuff - if we focus more on the -ve stuff - we will get it too.

As per the 'Law of Attraction', we should be informed about the -ve stuff but not focus on it as it will happen in our life e.g. focus on peace and not anti-war.

I interpreted the "The Secret" as a tool that every successful person has talked about - power of visualization! About defining and visualizing how success would be everyday. The action part of - visualizing and work towards it is what is missing in 'The Secret'

Miracle Man (Morris Goodman - http://www.articlealley.com/article_164239_51.html) featured in 'The Secret', was introduced to us in one of the training programs to drive the importance of power of visualization. Goodman visualized walking out of the hospital on XMas and worked towards it.

Though I never thought about 'Law of Attraction' or 'Power of Visualization' but some how it worked for me - Feroz is the embodiment of all that I would have wished for in the 'man of my life'. Even the slightest details that I would have mentioned 'that is nice' in my mind! So it did work for me!

Abundance is one other thing that is mentioned i.e. there is enough in the universe for everyone to enjoy - isn't Steven Covey talks to us about working from a frame of abundance to create win-win situations

I could relate to what Jack Canfield mentioned in Alladdin Factor (we discussed this in my earlier post - ASK) - Ask the Universe! 'The Secret' refers to the universe working on putting together stuff for us. Isn't the universe, the creative life force - that we refer to as God too.

Our prayers comprise about praising God and asking for help to acheive our dreams. I never thought about how our prayers also act as tools for 'Power of Visualization'.

In Islam, if I need something badly I would be praying 5+ times a day and each of my supplication (the things I desire - I have to precisely define the details of everything that I desire in my supplications as I don't want to miss on anything - at the same time I would keep it brief too as I don't want to repeat so many times the unimportant details) has to be repeated three times. Imagine picturing success in your mind 15 times a day!

I think all our scriptures, encourage us to ask God for fulfilling our dreams. I am sure most of the prayers do get answered as otherwise so many people wouldn't have been praying! Also all scriptures, talk about Action along with Prayers which is something 'The Secret' clearly missed on.

'The Secret' doesn't talks about how you can make other people's life better. I am told, if we pray for others - the angels say 'and bless you with the same!' - Isn't it an motivation to pray for others!

Recently, I was told to read the second chapter of Quran (Surah-Bakrah) for 40 days as it helps fulfill your wishes. My sis-in-law was checking with me if there is anything specific in Surah-Bakrah relating to fulfilling dreams. I said, it is about all aspects of life except for a few verses which mention "When my servants ask you concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them). I listen to the prayer of every supplicant when he calls on Me. . .", there is nothing specific to fulfilling our wishes. I think the fact that person would be spending few hours of his day reading the chapter of Quran indicates how badly the person desires something and the universe works on fulfilling the wishes. I visualize the day when my wish would be fulfilled and live as if it has!


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